Course Provider Dashboard

CP Dashboard 2


1 – Company Profile: Here you setup your main company details including company name, logo, contact numbers, and address

2 – Statistics: View basic course statistics with link below to view details statistics

3 – Notices: Messages and notices posted by My dream Course

4 – Student Enquiry: Here you can view student enquiries

5 –Change company name or logo: Edit company and / or company logo

6 – Company Locations: Add locations (branches) where you host your courses

7 – Company Users: Add users to administer your locations and branches

8 – Company Description: Add your company descriptions and accreditation details

9 – Social Media: Add your company website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+, or Pininterest details.

10 – Course: Add a course, edit course details, view course location, add course dates, place course on sale.


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