How to add or edit a User

How to add a User

Add a User and assign person to a specific location (branch). A ‘User” is a person who can manage, update, and edit courses for an individual location. You are also able to assign User access level and permissions for individuals Users.

Admin User – will be able to update all details of account.
Normal User –  can only update courses of a particular location.


Add user 1


From the Course Provider dashboard, go to “Profile & Notices” and “Users” then click on the “add / edit” link and a new window will open.


Add user 2


In the top right hand corner, click on the “+” to add User.


Add user 3

Create a username and password for User

Provide name and valid email address of user

Assign user to a location

Assign administrative access for user.

  • Normal User: will have account permissions for assigned location
  • Admin user: will have account permissions for Main Location and all Locations that have been created.


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