How to add or edit multiple course dates

When you add a course you are required to supply a start and end date, along with final registration date. Additional dates can be added via Course Provider dashboard and Course Management section. The system works such that when an individual course start date is reached, the course will automatically go offline. We suggest adding multiple courses dates and keep courses visible all year round. You can add or edit courses dates at any time.

1. Login to the Course Provider dashboard and scroll down Course Management section. Find a course and then click on the ‘Calendar’ icon to add or edit dates.


Add Course Date1


2. Window will reload, and you can select a Start Date, End Date, and Final registration Date by clicking on the ‘Calendar’ icon. When have selected your course dates, Click the ‘Save’ button. To add additional course dates, all you need to do is repeat the process and ‘Save’.


Add Course Date22


3. To Edit a course date, click on the ‘edit’ icon. The screen will reload, and you can change the course dates and ‘Save’.


Add Course Date Edit


4. To delete a course date, click the ‘X’ icon.

Add Course date Delete

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