Bidding A General Overview

My Dream Course offers you several opportunities to feature more prominently on our website via our bidding system. We know everyone want to be a winner, but only at the right price. Although we suggest that you bid the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for an item, you could pay less.

We offer the following type of bidding:

  • To feature a course on our Home page
  • To be the featured Course Provider on the Home page
  • To promote a course on the course listing page
  • To be the promoted Courses Provider in the listing page
  • To promote a course by Keyword search

Bidding Calculator

When you bid, we compare your bid to those of other Course Providers, and calculate the likelihood of your bid appearing against competing bids already placed. Our bidding indicator will show the likelihood of your bid appearing against competing bids already placed. You may adjust and re-calculate your bid and then Submit your bid once done. If subsequent higher bids reduces your bid’s chance of success any unused credits will be returned to you.

Bidding Privacy

All bids are kept secret and no competing Course Providers can see your bids. It does not matter when you place your bid. If your bid is the highest, then you will increase your chances of being placed on our website. The higher the bidding price , the greater the chance of your bid appearing against competing bids already placed.  All bids are active for a given time period and indicated on the bidding page.

Cost of Bid

All bids are in US DOLLARS. When you place a bid you are required to enter the amount you wish to bid. No matter how many times your bid appeared on our website, the bidding amount is the total that you will pay for that particular bid. For example, if you bid $1-00 for an individual course to appear on the home page, and the course appears 50 times, all you will pay is $1-00. Keep in mind, the number of time your bid will appear on the website, depend on competing bids of other Course Providers.

Review & Change Existing Bids

As a general rule, you’re not allowed to retract or cancel a bid.  If you have placed a bid and has not appeared on our website, you have the opportunity to retract a bid and claim a refund, all you need to do is ”Review & Change Existing Bids”.  If your bid has been successful and has already appeared on the website, then you will no longer be able to request a refund. In this case, you can always delete (cancel) the individual bid and create a new one.

When the bidding period ends, your bid will automatically stop and you will need to create a new bid.

Bidding Transaction History

Reviewing At all time you can review your bidding history including your system credit purchases via the “Transactions History” page in the bidding section of your account home page.


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