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  1. is this company still operating or is it closed?????
    I sent an equirey received no reply called the cell number no reply?? HELP

    1. To Clive Maasch

      Thank you for your enquiry and apologies for delay getting back to you.

      My Dream Course is a marketing company that advertises courses on behalf of local course providers. We do not run any of the course listed on our website.

      Please register as a Student and contact the course providers directly for cost, registration, accreditation, scholarships and further information regarding your course and industry of interest.


      Follow the steps below:

      Step 1: Register as a student – http://www.mydreamcourse.co.za/studentSignUp.asp
      Step 2: Search for a Course
      Step 3: Contact Course Provider Directly – When you have found the individual course, click on the ” Need more Info” or “Register for this course” button (bottom of individual course page) and contact course provider directly.


      If you have any comments, suggestion or feedback – we welcome your input. Please let us know and send an email to info@mydreamcourse.co.za

      Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

      Thank you,

      Ian and My Dream Course Support Team

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