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How to place a course ‘ON SALE’

If you are offering an individual course a special promotion, you can place the course ‘ON SALE”.

1. Login to the Course Provider dashboard and scroll down Course Management section. Find a course and then click on the ‘On Sale’ icon to place a course on sale.

Place a Course ON SALE 1

2. A new window will load and all you need to do is add a promotion ‘HEADLINE’, a brief description of your special offer, and start date of your course promotion.Place a Course ON SALE 2

3. When you are done, click the ‘SAVE’ button to complete. My Dream Course support team will review and approve you course promotion. Once approved you will be able to view your course ‘ON SALE’ in the Course Management section of your dashboard and the ‘Waiting for Approval’ will change to ‘Approved’.. You can edit your course promotion by clicking on the edit icon

Place a Course ON SALE 3

How to add or edit ‘Any-Time’ Course Date

If you run courses that students can start at any time (daily), for example online courses or distant learning courses, then we suggest you select ‘Any-Time Course’ date. What this means is that you course will remain visible until the end of your subscription period. You can add or edit courses dates at any time.

1. Login to the Course Provider dashboard and scroll down Course Management section. Find a course and then click on the ‘Calendar’ icon to add or edit dates.

Any time Course date 1


2. Window will reload, and then select “Yes” next to “Any-time Courses”.

Any time Course date 2


3. After you select “Yes”, save the course date.

Any time Course date 3


4. You can edit or delete an “Any-Time Course” date by clicking on”‘edit” or “X” to delete, and add another course date.

Any time Course date 4


How to add an individual Course Image

In order to list an individual course on our home page as a “Featured Course” you are required to upload an image for the course. To add an image, you need to edit the individual course and then upload a course. Then scroll down to “Upload Your featured Picture” section (below date entry section). To add an image from file, please click on the “Browse” button. Find and image on file and add.

Note: Uploaded images must be exactly 600 pixel wide and 340 pixel in height. All images must be in JPG format only. To re-size images, feel free to use this free online software –

Add a course 6-2

Course Provider account upgrade process

Recommended steps to upgrade account to new website and take advantage of new features.

We have imported all data from the “old” website into the new upgraded site. We recommend following the steps below to upgrade your company account details and course information and take full advantage of all the new features. We have also supplied links for more details explanations and insight.

Step One: Login to the site
Step Two: Edit company profile
Step Three: Change company name and logo
Step Four: Add Locations
Step Five: Add Users
Step Six: Add / edit courses and assign courses to locations.


Step One: Go to

Login into your account with login details we sent you and follow recommended steps Two to Six below.


Step Two: Edit company main profile

Edit your company’s main profile including contact details, address and email.

NOTE: The Main Location account details will be used by My Dream Course for all correspondence and important communication like billing and other notices.


Step Three: Change company name and logo

Edit your company name and logo.


Step Four: Add Locations

Create locations (branch) where you host or run your courses with local contact details. Creating multiple locations will assist student in their search for courses in a specific location and region.

Note: Before you can assign a course in Step 6 below, you must create a location.


Step Five: Add and assign Users to Locations.

Add Users and assign users to individual locations (branch) you created in Step three above. Users can administrator and manage each location independently. You are also able to assign User level access and permissions of each individual User.


Step Six: Add / edit courses and assign courses to locations.

There are a number of new features and tools on the individual courses page now. Please update each courses and complete the new fields including course image and courses tags section. Also assign each course to a location that you created in Step Three above.


Course Dates: Course with dates that have passed/expired will not be visible to students to search. We recommend adding multiple courses to avoid individual courses not being displayed.

Course Images: If you would like to have a course featured/displayed on our Home page, you must add an image to each individual course.


Account Flowchart2