Course Provider account upgrade process

Recommended steps to upgrade account to new website and take advantage of new features.

We have imported all data from the “old” website into the new upgraded site. We recommend following the steps below to upgrade your company account details and course information and take full advantage of all the new features. We have also supplied links for more details explanations and insight.

Step One: Login to the site
Step Two: Edit company profile
Step Three: Change company name and logo
Step Four: Add Locations
Step Five: Add Users
Step Six: Add / edit courses and assign courses to locations.


Step One: Go to

Login into your account with login details we sent you and follow recommended steps Two to Six below.


Step Two: Edit company main profile

Edit your company’s main profile including contact details, address and email.

NOTE: The Main Location account details will be used by My Dream Course for all correspondence and important communication like billing and other notices.


Step Three: Change company name and logo

Edit your company name and logo.


Step Four: Add Locations

Create locations (branch) where you host or run your courses with local contact details. Creating multiple locations will assist student in their search for courses in a specific location and region.

Note: Before you can assign a course in Step 6 below, you must create a location.


Step Five: Add and assign Users to Locations.

Add Users and assign users to individual locations (branch) you created in Step three above. Users can administrator and manage each location independently. You are also able to assign User level access and permissions of each individual User.


Step Six: Add / edit courses and assign courses to locations.

There are a number of new features and tools on the individual courses page now. Please update each courses and complete the new fields including course image and courses tags section. Also assign each course to a location that you created in Step Three above.


Course Dates: Course with dates that have passed/expired will not be visible to students to search. We recommend adding multiple courses to avoid individual courses not being displayed.

Course Images: If you would like to have a course featured/displayed on our Home page, you must add an image to each individual course.


Account Flowchart2

Password – Forgot User Password

What if you forgot your password and cannot access your account. We can send you your password after you confirm some personal information. Remember to use your full email address that your registered with.


Forgot Password 1


Go to , and in the top right hand corner click on the “Course Provider Login” button to open course provider login window.


Forgot Password 2


Click on the “Forgot your Password” button


Forgot Password 3


To reset your password, enter the email address you used when you registered as a User. Make sure it is a valid email address. After you click on the proceed button, please check your email for your login details.

How to Register as a Course Provider

My Dream Course connects people who want to learn with people who love to teach. Building a nation one course at a time. Our directory encompasses everything from full-time degrees to part-time courses and one-day workshops. With over 6 000 courses to choose from, the opportunities are endless.

My Dream Course is the perfect platform to engage with potential students. We provide a simple, user-friendly and affordable way for you to showcase and manage details about each course and speak to students directly. There are no hidden costs or referrals fees.

There registration process has 5 Steps.

Step 1: General information
Step 2: More Information
Step 3: Online Activity
Step 4: Add Another Location
Step 5: Add a Course


Step 1: General information


CP Register 1


Go to At the top right hand corner, click on the register as “Course Provider”.


CP Register 2


The information you provide in this section will be the main contact details for your company (Main Location with level 1 account permission). Please complete the form, provide a valid email address, accept Terms and Conditions. Specify that you are duly authorized to register company.

If you were provided a “Promotional Code” or “MDC Agent Code”, please fill in details to easily identify and classify your account.



CP Register 3


Please check your email account for activation link. Don’t forget to check your Junk / Spam folder.


CP Register 4


Click the activation link to continue with your registration.


CP Register 5

In this section we capture your Main Location details and background information about your company to show in company profile.


Short Narrative: Please provide a short description about your company making use of key words. This information will be used when your company is featured on home page.

Long Description: Provide a detailed biography about your company for students to get an insight into your company.


Step 2: More Information


CP Register 6


Click the “Browse..” button,  locate your company logo and upload.


Step 3: Online Activity


CP Register 7


Add your website, blog site and other social media links.

After you click “next”, a new page will open giving you the option to either add a location or add a course. We recommend first adding a location where you host your training courses. Remember you must fist add a location to assign your courses (course belong to a specific location).


Step 4: Add Another Location


CP Register 8


To add a location, click the “I want to add another location” link.


CP Register 9


Please provide the details of the location where you hot your training courses. This information you provide will the default contact information for any courses added to this location.

Provide a Location name so that you can easily identify the ‘branch’ location and courses details in the Course Provider Dashboard.

If you were provided a “Promotional Code” or “MDC Agent Code”, please fill in details to easily identify and classify your account.


Step 5: Add a Course


CP Register 10


To add a course, click the “I want to add my first course” link.


CP Register 11


Enter the name of the courses then select an appropriate category and sub-category. To open a category, click on the “+” sign.

If you cannot find a suitable category from the drop down menus, then click “Category not Listed” and suggest a category.

Then proceed to add course Start Date, End Date, and Last day of registration by click on the calendar icon.


CP Register 12


Add an internal course code for tracking when you receive enquiries.

Enter course cost eg. 2000


CP Register 13


Add an individual course image. If you wish to feature a course on the home page then you must upload a course image.

Add a course 6-2


Add a course image: In order to list an individual on the home page as a “Featured Course” you are required to upload an image for the course.To add an image from file, please click on the “Browse” button. Find and image on file and add.

NOTE: Please upload an image to measure exactly 600 pixel wide and 340 pixel in height. All images must be in JPG or GIF format only.

If you need to resize an image and do not have Adobe Photoshop or other software please go for free online image resizing software.


CP Register 14


Add course to a location that you have created. Select from the course location drop-down.


CP Register 15


Select Course Type. You have the opportunity to choose the following course types:


  • Customised  – select this if courses schedule is dependent on student demands and needs.
  • Distant Learning – select this if course is completed via correspondence.
  • DVD / Video – select this if course is self / home study via dvd or video.
  • Full Time
  • Online – select this if courses are undertaken via online portal and internet.
  • Part Time Day
  • Part Time Night
  • Seminar
  • Webinar
  • Weekend
  • Workshop


Add a course 9


Short Description: Add a short description and include keywords in description. The short description will be displayed on home page if individual course is displayed as a “Featured Course”.

Long Description: Provide a detailed description of course to give readers a complete insight into the course and details exactly what will be covered.

Course Requirements: List all course requirements.


CP Register 16


Add any additional notes or information


CP Register 17


Course Tags: Add up to 5 key words that best describes the individual courses. Course will be automatically matched with individual student profile. If there is a match between courses tags and student tags; the course will be pushed automatically to student dashboard and place course in a “Suggested Courses” . That’s right!! We do the search for students and match courses automatically.

Course Contact: Add course contact details if different from “Location” details for students to send enquiries and registration requests.

Once you have completed form, click “FINISH”. All courses will be reviewed and approved by My Dream Course before going visible online.

You will then be taken to the Course Provider Dashboard.


CP Dashboard 2


1 – Company Profile: Here you setup your main company details including company name, logo, contact numbers, and address

2 – Statistics: View basic course statistics with link below to view details statistics

3 – Notices: Messages and notices posted by My dream Course

4 – Student Enquiry: Here you can view student enquiries

5 –Change company name or logo: Edit company and / or company logo

6 – Company Locations: Add locations (branches) where you host your courses

7 – Company Users: Add users to administer your locations and branches

8 – Company Description: Add your company descriptions and accreditation details

9 – Social Media: Add your company website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+, or Pininterest details.

10 – Course: Add a course, edit course details, view course location, add course dates, place course on sale.