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How to add or edit a Course

Add or edit courses, add detailed course descriptions, add courses dates, place a course On Sale, view basic course statistics or delete a course.


Add a course 2


You can also sort course listing by clicking on column headers.


Add a course 1


Add or edit Courses: From the Course Provider dashboard, go to “All Courses & Course Management” and either ” Add a Course” by clicking on link at the top right hand corner or EDIT a course by clicking on the course name.


Add a course 3


Add a course name and include keywords to enhance SEO.

Select a course category from the drop down menu.


Add a course 4


After you select a course category, your selection will appear with the option of changing the category.

If an appropriate category is not listed, please “Suggest a Category”. We will view suggested and either approve category suggestion or assign course to the most appropriate category.


Add a course 5


Select course start and end dates by clicking on “Calendar Icon” then choosing date. Note you can add additional dates from Course Provider Dashboard home page. Go to “All Courses and Course Management” section, find the course and click on the “Calendar” icon on the course row.

Provide the course duration and last day of registration.

If you have an internal company course coding and tracking system, please provide code to reference via student enquiries and registration requests.

Provide the course cost.


Add a course 6-2


Add a course image: In order to list an individual course on the home page as a “Featured Course” you are required to upload an image for the course.To add an image from file, please click on the “Browse” button. Find and image on file and add.

NOTE: Please upload an image to measure exactly 600 pixel wide and 340 pixel in height. All images must be in JPG or GIF format only.


Add a course 7


Assign course to a “Location” that you created.


Add a course 8

Assign a course type.


Add a course 9


Short Description: Add a short description and include keywords in description. The short description will be displayed on home page if individual course is displayed as a “Featured Course”.

Long Description: Provide a detailed description of course to give readers a complete insight into the course and details exactly what will be covered.

Course Requirements: List all course requirements.


Add a course 10


Add any additional notes.


Add a course 11


Course Tags: Add up to 5 key words that best describes the individual courses. Course will be automatically matched with individual student profile. If there is a match between courses tags and student tags; the course will be pushed automatically to student dashboard and place course in a “Suggested Courses” . That’s right!! We do the search for students and match courses automatically.

Course Contact: Add course contact details if different from “Location” details for students to send enquiries and registration requests.

Once you have complete form, click complete. All courses will be reviewed and approved by My Dream Course before going visible online.