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How to add or edit ‘Any-Time’ Course Date

If you run courses that students can start at any time (daily), for example online courses or distant learning courses, then we suggest you select ‘Any-Time Course’ date. What this means is that you course will remain visible until the end of your subscription period. You can add or edit courses dates at any time.

1. Login to the Course Provider dashboard and scroll down Course Management section. Find a course and then click on the ‘Calendar’ icon to add or edit dates.

Any time Course date 1


2. Window will reload, and then select “Yes” next to “Any-time Courses”.

Any time Course date 2


3. After you select “Yes”, save the course date.

Any time Course date 3


4. You can edit or delete an “Any-Time Course” date by clicking on”‘edit” or “X” to delete, and add another course date.

Any time Course date 4