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How to add or edit a Location

Add or Edit location

Create or edit a location (branch) where you host or run your courses. Note: You first need to create a location in order to assign or add courses to a specific location.

From the Course Provider dashboard, go to “Profile & Notices” and “Locations” then click on the “add / edit” link and a new window will open.


Add location 1


In the top right hand corner, click on the “+” symbol to add a new location. Or click the “EDIT” to change details of an existing location.



Add Location 2


Complete the form and location details. We recommend giving the location a name in order to assign courses you add.

Provide contact name and details of person who will manage locations.

Provide a valid email address for location so that any enquiries will be send directly to location.

Promotional code: If you were given a promotional code by My Dream Course, please insert code.

MDC Agent Code: If you were given an agent by an employee of My Dream Course, please insert code.


Add Location 3