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How to place a course ‘ON SALE’

If you are offering an individual course a special promotion, you can place the course ‘ON SALE”.

1. Login to the Course Provider dashboard and scroll down Course Management section. Find a course and then click on the ‘On Sale’ icon to place a course on sale.

Place a Course ON SALE 1

2. A new window will load and all you need to do is add a promotion ‘HEADLINE’, a brief description of your special offer, and start date of your course promotion.Place a Course ON SALE 2

3. When you are done, click the ‘SAVE’ button to complete. My Dream Course support team will review and approve you course promotion. Once approved you will be able to view your course ‘ON SALE’ in the Course Management section of your dashboard and the ‘Waiting for Approval’ will change to ‘Approved’.. You can edit your course promotion by clicking on the edit icon

Place a Course ON SALE 3